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Android App Development Services

CubicalSEO is a steadfast Android application development company. We deliver high-performance Android apps on OS releases right from Android ICS, Android KitKat, Android Lollipop, Android Marshmallow to Android Oreo.

Why Choose us for ANDROID Application DEVELOPMENT SERVICES?


We develop customized apps using the latest technology to meet our client’s requirements


We also develop GPS enabled applications to provide apt user experience


Get your travel and utility application developed from our experienced team and give your business a digital platform


Our proficient android gaming app development team will give you enticing user experience


We provide news and educational Android applications that attract huge traffic


Provide your users fully functional banking and financial applications to ease their financial system


Give the soothing and pleasing entertaining experience by developing Android Multimedia apps


Get automated booking system and integrated e-commerce platform through our Android app development services

leading-edge technologY & 24X7 Support

We develop applications with latest generation technology to deliver top notch user experience

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What’s our strength in Android Application Development

We have a team of highly dedicated enthusiasts capable of implementing the desired functionality of the Android technology and provide the secure Android app development solutions.

  • Experience with all the version of Android OS.


  • Complete Transparency & QA support


  • Certified Android Developer Team for perfect app development.


  • We offer 24*7 support services to come up with prompt solutions for any issue.


  • Bug-free App Development along guaranteed Approval on Google Play store.

Why Choose us?

We believe in working according to clients’ dedicated mark to fulfil specific project demand that helps them to accomplish their desired business aims.

Architecture And Best Practices

we care deeply about code quality and maintainability of applications.

Android App Security

Security needs of an application depend on the nature of the app, we evaluate appropriate security measures and implement them properly.

Design & App Domains

We design user-friendly application according to it domain in order to provide simple user experience.

Android App Testing

As Android platform is using by the various manufacturer, so, testing Android app requires significant efforts. We have a dedicated team to test the application on actual devices and simulate all the test cases.a

How we work on Android application development:

If you are new to the word “Android application development services”, then first you must understand the basic concept of android and android application development. First of all, why we are using android? This question must have come in your mind and the answer is that Android is used to build innovative applications and games for mobile devices in java language environment. The Android application development services are ways through, which new applications or software are developed for the devices, which are working with the Android operating system. Android applications are developed in Java programming language using Android software development kit, which is also known as Android SDK. Android application development services depend on development tools such as Android SDK, Android NDK, Android Open Accessory development kit and native go support.

How do we use these development tools to develop an Android application? Let’s discuss these development tools that provide Android application development services.

Android SDK: The Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK) is a collection of comprehensive set of development tools. These consists of a debugger, libraries, handset emulator based on QEMU, sample codes for easy understanding, tutorials as supporting materials and documentation. Currently supported by development platforms for Android SDK are the computers with LINUX operating system, MAC OS X 10.5.8 or later version and Windows 7 or later version. Android Debug Bridge is a toolkit included in the Android SDK package. It contains both client and server side programs that can communicate with each other. Command line interface and graphical user interface are used to access the android debug bridge. Another protocol, which is included with SDK package is fast booting and it is used to modify the flash file system via a USB connection from host computer system.

Android NDK: Libraries, which are written in C/C++ can be compiled to ARM, MIPS or x86 native code and installed using the Android Native Development Kit (NDK). This native library can be invoked from Java code running under the Dalvik VM using the System.loadLibrary call, which is part of the standard android java classes. Other third-party tools allow the integration of NDK to the eclipse and visual studio. We use Android application development services through Android Studio with gradle to develop NDK projects.

Benefits of Android application development Services  from CubicalSEO:

Android application development services are the most beneficial ways to communicate with the customers across the world. With this service, customers can purchase or sell their products from their home. These services also provide security measures for all customers. These services provide robust solutions and techniques to increase their ROI. Usage of these services makes it unique and special. Additionally, these Android application development services require an experienced application development team. It is required to build every unique feature for all products. These services consume time & money and the latest tools and technologies to satisfy clients with high standard applications in less time.

Thus, we use different servicing tools to develop the android application, which provides a number of benefits to clients across the world.


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