10 WordPress plugins That Are Essential For SEO

WordPress is a world-famous content management system that millions of businesses use. And, WordPress SEO plugins play a huge role in driving traffic to a website and improving its overall ranking.

Effective optimization is essential for attracting users to your website and for ensuring that your website runs smoothly. This is where, these plugins can come in handy.

Moreover, there are certain WordPress SEO plugins that can be used by various companies belong to different industries. Here we’re letting you know about those plugins that are essential for SEO of a website.

Most Popular WordPress Plugins

Though there are scores of Worpress Plugins, the one that is most popular and has been downloaded numerous times is Yoast SEO. One does not need to be an expert in SEO or coding to be able to make their way through this plugin.

Next in line is Google XML SiteMap plugin. With the help of this plugin you will be able to keep a track of any new piece of content as well as any new update on the website.

Along with these, there is Rel NoFollow Checkbox plugin that is essential for SEO. This helps you follow the links as per your liking. Just enter the external links that you do not wish to follow and the plugin will take care of the rest.

The next WordPress plugin that can facilitate your website is Google Analytics by MonsterInsights. This plugin is essential for knowing about website user demographics as well as outbound and internal link tracking.

Also, there is LinkPatrol plugin that helps you control links on your website. This is essential for establishing your website’s credibility.

Other Essential WordPress Plugins For SEO

Other essential WordPress plugins that can have an effect on the search engine optimization of your website are as follows.

W3 Total Cache is one such plugin that can immensely improve the loading speed of your website and make it faster.

Safety of a website is also essential for effective optimization. This is where, All In One WP Security & Firewall can come in handy and protect your website from the online threats.

The next WordPress plugin that you should go for is WPtouch Mobile Plugin. This makes your website mobile-friendly and makes it appear good on a tiny screen as well.

For improving the performance of your website, there is Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) that ensures that the posts and pages on display are in sync with the current content.

Lastly, there is SEO Optimized Images that is important for optimizing images on your website.

All the aforementioned WordPress plugins are essential for SEO of a website.

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